Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flags for Mounted Troops

I've decided that all of the heavy cavalry will have gold buttons and yellow hat tape; while the dragoons will have tin buttons and white hat lace . . . well that is my thought for right now.

The four heavy horse units will have square guidons featuring the Stagonian horse on the unit facing color.

I'm currently planning on blue, red, yellow and purple -- with a gold fringe.

The four dragoon units will have swallowtail guidons featuring the Stagonian horse in a light blue oval.

The guidon will be split color with dragoon light gray on the bottom and the facing color on top -- and I'm currently looking at black, white, green and lavender -- with a silver fringe.

-- Jeff


Frankfurter said...

Speaking of which, in some African country in the last couple of days, a car was stollen by two thugs. After a high speed chase,the cops caught one guy, but the other person in the car "had changed into a goat!" Of course, they proceeded to arrest the goat ...

Capt Bill said...

Excellent cavalry standards...

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice! (Stagonian "horse" huh? Well there's a heraldic animal I hadn't come across before! :-D )

Stagonian Jeff said...


Well while the truth is that I was typing this at about 3 in the morning . . . but it is more interesting if I simply accept that the deer is seen in Stagonia as a "horse" because of an incident almost lost in antiquity.

Yes, I think that a few centuries back that one of the du Vile clan had (he thought) slain a deer . . . but he had only stunned it.

When he straddled it to begin skinning it, the stag rose up with du Vile atop it . . . riding it as it were . . . and everyone at Court constantly spoke of his new "horse" . . . and ever since then, that running stag has (in Stagonia) been called a "horse".

I rather like that background . . . does it satisfy you?

-- Stagonian Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

I love it, Stagonian Jeff!

As Bob Ross, the painter guy, used to say "we don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents" (or something like that).

I think coming up with explanations for some of the "happy accidents" and other anomalies are one of the things that can give versimilitude to our creations. That and things that sort of evolve along the way as inspiration strikes.
That's why I think trying to plan everything out is not for me. Let things happen and see what you can make of it.

abdul666 said...

Indeed the origin of the 'Stagonian horse' adds to the character of the country.