Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ludwig Muses on Possibilities

"Is there any further word from that Duchess who is infatuated with me?" asked young Koenig Ludwig of the Kingdom of Stagonia.

"No, your majesty. Some rumors that she's headed here . . . but those are almost assuredly false."

"Ah. Well, let's look over our options for exercising the army. As I see it, we have a number of possible 'options'.
  1. We could launch another attack on Saxe-Bearstein -- although the Mollwitz campaign failed badly.
  2. We could support Zichenau by launching a strike into northern Stollen -- say at that sawmill the Lobster Duke loves so much.
  3. We could attack Tippelbruder again -- I doubt that they could resurrect the alliance that managed to turn us away last time.
  4. We could invade the Frankszonian lands on this side of the river -- but Gallia might not appreciate that -- and we do want to stay on their good side (they are one of our few friends).
  5. We could attack someone new."
"Yes, your majesty. Those are all good options. As usual you see things most clearly indeed."


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hey there Jeff,

Yes, Sawmill Village might be an interesting scenario! But we need to add some cavalry. Let's discuss it in more detail before too long.

Best Regards,


Stagonian Jeff said...

Sounds good, Stokes, although I'm not sure if we don't want to do it just as Grant did.

In any event, we will need to use your table and figures . . . so it most certainly can't occur until after the current fracas ends.

-- Jeff