Saturday, December 20, 2008

Having Read the Duchess' Letter

Having read the Duchess' letter, Koenig Ludwig smiled and mused to himself . . . "soul mates and kindred in deeds", eh?

"Well, my dear, it may chance that we will meet and compare notes. If you indeed have the stomach for our passion, we may make a beautiful team . . . and, if not, I wonder how well you scream?"

Turning to an aide cowering in a corner, "Find out all that you can about this dear Duchess . . . including what lands and military forces she controls . . . perhaps this may be a match made in a very warm place."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The King is Dead!"

Apparently the rumors that have been circulating for months are true.

Koenig Maurice du Vile and several members of his family were poisoned.

While the king survived this attempt, he was much debilitated by this foul assault upon his person.

Thus is there any question as to why he has apparently chosen
to end his life.

He has been succeeded by his noble cousin, Ludwig du Vile (pictured at left).

Koenig Maurice's last moments must have been sad indeed. He is reported to have committed suicide by gouging out both of his eyes, burning many parts of his body and finally using three blows of an axe to chop off his own head . . . all of this with his hands bound behind his back.

Koenig Maurice was indeed a most amazing monarch . . . is there any question as to why so many foreign nations were so envious of him?

Little is known of Koenig Ludwig's personality or just how he came to power since he has spent most of his life in seclusion at Nochtswan Castle (pictured at left).

However the rumors that his mother, Lucrezia de Sade, has tutored him in certain black arts are assuredly unfounded.

What this will mean for Stagonian foreign policy is not yet known . . . but certainly the foreign power or powers that poisoned good Koenig Maurice and thus indirectly caused him to end his own life will soon feel the weight of Stagonian arms in their just retribution.

-- Stagonian Jeff for Koenig Ludwig du Vile of the Kingdom of Stagonia