Friday, February 29, 2008

A Proposed Anthem

The Kingdom of Stagonia is in a tizzy. Peter Simplissimus has proposed a "national anthem" for Stagonia . . . but Koenig Maurice has been (and remains) too upset by the result of battle to even hear the song.

Some members of his court like the song and some hate it. They've decided to publish the song and ask the public for their reactions to it. Here it is -- please let us know what you think of it:

Awake. ye children of Stagonia,
The day of Victory is here
See massed the ranks of the foes of Stagonia
See how their villainous leaders all jeer -
They want our riches, our women, our BEER!
From near and far their allies are cheering
Look, there, see their bayonets a-gleam!
Fear not, my brave Stagonian boys,
Fear not their musketry or shot!

Advance, Stagonia fair!
Their cries shall fill the air!
March on, march on!
See how they run!
Stagonia wins the day!

Remember well our hoary grandsires
Who fought and died for Stagonia fair.
Think of our maidens, beauteous and loyal,
Think of our matrons, proud and fair.
Would you submit them to rapine or care?
Yet these foul brutes now ranked before us,
Lust for rape, destruction and loot!
From your firesides you would get the boot-
While these beasts play footsie with your women!

To arms, Stagonians all!
Let honour be our call!
Fight on, fight on!
Fear not their guns!
Stagonia wins the day!