Monday, June 29, 2009

"Grand Tour" Plans

"Will the 'Frankszonian Incident' be ready in time?" growled the Vile King to his Foreign Minister. "The Grand Tour will be arriving sooner than expected due to the Wittenberg fiasco."

"There's no way to know at this point, sire. We'll just have to wait and hope." replied the harried minister.

"Patience, my dear" cooed the Duchess . . . "if the timing isn't right in Frankszonia, you'll think of something equally clever for later."

"But I hate waiting," snarled Koenig Ludwig.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Sad" News Reaches Stagonia

After receiving a message, Koenig Ludwig of Stagonia sent for his mistress, the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow.

"You sent for me?" purred the behatted beauty (see photo at left).

"Indeed, my dear. I have just had some bad news." replied the vile king.

"Oh? What news is that?" replied the Duchess.

"A death." sighed Ludwig,

"Well that happens. Who died."

"A young man. Noble they say. Let us have some wine to toast the fact that we still live." said the king, "And that . . ."

"And that . . . what?" coaxed the dark lady of Saschen-Vindow.

The king sighed again . . . and stretching it out finally said, while raising his glass, "And that you are now a widow."

With a gasp, the 'bereaved' beauty exclaimed, "Peter dead! Thank God."

"Are you sure that he's the one you need to thank?" smirked Ludwig the Vile.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Rains Came . . . then the Flood

Does history always repeat itself? The Stagonian army is beginning to wonder.

Those with a long memory will recall that the Tippelbruder campaign was in large part foiled by torrential rains which flooded much of the field reducing the available frontage to such an extent that the raid couldn't succeed.

Sadly the weather gods have once again turned against our wonderful Stagonian Field Force. Their expedition to the Grand Duchy of Stollen, which had been going so well, has again been thwarted "due to a sudden and protracted cloudburst, both armies retire from the field with no further fighting possible thanks to wet powder and sodden ground that prevents any movement for cavalry or guns."

Fortunately the primary goal of the expedition had already been accomplished. The lumber supply and working parts of the Sawmill had already been loaded upon wagons and was on its way to our glorious realm.

Thus, while the unfortunate weather has prevented our capturing the town of
Saegewerkdorf, our forces will disengage and escort our "spoils of war" back to the Kingdom of Stagonia so that Koenig Ludwig (and his Lady Duchess) can have everything needed to see a proper "Royal Rack" constructed.

Therefor all Stagonia may rejoice at another triumph of Stagonian arms.

-- Stagonian Jeff

(Note -- Stokes game room has flooded and his game table needed to be disassembled so that the water damage could be dealt with prior to his trip to Germany.)