Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flags for Mounted Troops

I've decided that all of the heavy cavalry will have gold buttons and yellow hat tape; while the dragoons will have tin buttons and white hat lace . . . well that is my thought for right now.

The four heavy horse units will have square guidons featuring the Stagonian horse on the unit facing color.

I'm currently planning on blue, red, yellow and purple -- with a gold fringe.

The four dragoon units will have swallowtail guidons featuring the Stagonian horse in a light blue oval.

The guidon will be split color with dragoon light gray on the bottom and the facing color on top -- and I'm currently looking at black, white, green and lavender -- with a silver fringe.

-- Jeff

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thinking About Uniforms

Well I've got a bunch of figures on the way for my Stagonian army . . . and I realized that I have got to start thinking about uniforms for the vile ones.

I've long been planning for the infantry to be in an off-white. I don't like a pure white because to me it makes me think of white primer. So I'll probably go with a cream or light buttermilk sort of color.

However I realized that I've not really thought about the cavalry. So I sat down this evening and gave it some thought. I want the uniform colors to be quite distinct from those of Saxe-Bearstein (whose heavy cav is in white; whose dragoons are in buff coats; and the horse grenadiers are in red -- like the infantry).

I've therefor decided to have the heavy horse in light blue (the GNW heavies that have been substituting are in blue and I'd like something a bit distinct from them). The dragoons will, I think, be in a light gray . . . so the dismounts will be distinct from the regular foot.

The hussars, of course, will resemble rainbows (as always).

-- Jeff

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ludwig Muses on Possibilities

"Is there any further word from that Duchess who is infatuated with me?" asked young Koenig Ludwig of the Kingdom of Stagonia.

"No, your majesty. Some rumors that she's headed here . . . but those are almost assuredly false."

"Ah. Well, let's look over our options for exercising the army. As I see it, we have a number of possible 'options'.
  1. We could launch another attack on Saxe-Bearstein -- although the Mollwitz campaign failed badly.
  2. We could support Zichenau by launching a strike into northern Stollen -- say at that sawmill the Lobster Duke loves so much.
  3. We could attack Tippelbruder again -- I doubt that they could resurrect the alliance that managed to turn us away last time.
  4. We could invade the Frankszonian lands on this side of the river -- but Gallia might not appreciate that -- and we do want to stay on their good side (they are one of our few friends).
  5. We could attack someone new."
"Yes, your majesty. Those are all good options. As usual you see things most clearly indeed."