Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Scene in the Palace

(a scene in the palace of Koenig Maurice of Stagonia)

The servants whisper that the rumors are true. His Majesty is indeed playing with some strange toys.

He had glass blowers make a bunch of glass "soldier" figures, then had them painted in Tipplebruder colors.

He has lined them up at one end of the great table and he crouches at the other end and, using a spoon as a catapult, he launches lead shot toward the figures . . . and chortles every time one of the glass figures is smashed.

Surely the man has lost his wits . . . surely.


abdul666 said...

The Game of Kings....

More expensive than the version of that writer who threw matchsticks at lead soldiers...


Fitz-Badger said...

Was that H.G. Wells and "Little Wars"?

Smashing miniature soldiers, how vile. Well, maybe it's the most satisfaction he's going to get out of the battle of the looms.