Saturday, November 3, 2007

Battle of Tippelbruder Looms

(well, not really . . . but we are getting it set up and the forces are closed).

NEWSFLASH . . . A Stagonian field army has been sighted in the close vicinity of the town of Tippelbruder. This appears to be in response to certain "insults" that Koenig Maurice perceived to come from the shop of David, Tippelbruder's uniform designer.

While no one else perceived anything that could have been an insult, several nations mustered troops to the defense of the town. They are:

from Hesse-Engleburg -- under the command of Captain Wilhelm Streicker:
-- Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude -- 2 musketeer companies -- 2 x 120 = 240 men
-- Jäger Regiment Von Behler -- 1 company = 120 men
-- Hussars -- 1 Squadron = 120 mounted men
-- Corporal Sontag (to teach marksmanship to Tippelbruder militia)

from Soweiter League -- (no commander mentioned):
-- Saxe-Urquhart 86th Highlanders -- 1 battalion = c.560 men

from Prince Maurice Duke of Fenwick (vice King Leopold IV of Wittenburg):
-- 1 battalion of infantry (under Colonel Von Feldmouse) -- 4 companies = 600 men
-- 1 battery of artillery (under Lt. Colonel Von Schweeky) -- 120 men and 6 light guns

from Saxe-Bearstein -- under command of Brigadier Ernst von Bruin
-- Regiment von Lowenbrau -- 1 battalion = c.750 men
-- Regiment von Carling -- 1 company of grenadiers = 123 men
-- Regiment von Coors -- 1 company of grenadiers = 122 men
-- Karlsberg Jagers -- 1 small company of jagers = 62 men
-- Artillery -- 1 medium (9#) gun and crew
-- Regiment Von Urquell -- 1 battalion -- c.750 men (reserve -- still in Saxe-Bearstein)

from The Freikorps of Count Hans Trunkenbold von Misthaufen:
-- 1 Musketeer Battalion = c.500 men
-- 1 Jäger Corps = c.400 men
-- Croats -- 3 companies = c.300 men
-- Hussars -- 3 squadrons = c.300 mounted men
-- Artillery -- 6 light (3#) guns

from Town of Tipplebruder:
-- Town Militia -- 1 company = 100 c. men
-- Artillery -- 3 light (3#) guns

from Mieczyslaw -- (in Reserve -- still in Mieczyslaw):
-- Wstrasowo Dragoons -- 4 squadrons -- 150 each = 600 mounted men (not yet arrived)
-- elite Wojskowo Piechota -- 5 companies = 460 men (not yet arrived)

As can be seen, these forces are heavy in infantry, with lots of skirmish power. They also have an abundance of light artillery.

The Tippelbruder forces are, however, light in mounted troops; and definitely lacking in command officers. Indeed, it is likely that each of the above commands will remain under their own commanders with no recognized overall commander.

The Stagonian forces are as yet unknown (meaning we have to figure out a reasonably comparable force).

Please clarify any names, etc. for the above troops. Other troops may not be added . . . and a die roll will be needed by the proxy player (probably Arthur) to see if they arrive in time.

-- Jeff


Ed Youngstrom said...


How did you come to this battle and disposition of forces? Did I miss the setup for this?

Ed v. H-F

P.S. See? I didn't mention vile Stagonians once in this post.


Stagonian Jeff said...

The forces were volunteered three months or so ago on the "Not by Appointment" and "Tippelbruder" blogsites. See:

Believe me, it wasn't just "pulled out of a hat". Stagonia was going to ignore it . . . but when the first Proxy Battle went so well, this seemed like too good a chance to pass up -- seven of our imagi-nations involved. And Arthur really wanted a chance to game a battle.

But since I'll be pushing the Stagonian OB as it is, forces are closed . . . unless you choose to ally with Stagonia -- then I could trim back their commitment and supplant it with yours.

-- Jeff

Ed Youngstrom said...

What!?! Ally with the VILE Stagonians and, by extension, Gallia and therefore the Imperium...and therefore Hesse-Homburg?


Of course, the Homburgers need some experience...

BTW, any idea why my RSS feed for Stagonia shows all of the posts, but for Bearstein it just shows that there IS a post, but no title? I'm using iGoogle.

Both Bearstein and Murdock's Marauders just show empty lines...strange.

Ed v. H-F

Ed Youngstrom said...

Oh, I forgot to also ask:

Do you have a single file of your Tricorne rules? I especially like your leadership ideas.

Ed v. H-F

Bluebear Jeff said...


The answer to your RSS question is really quite simple . . . (your're going to hate it) . . .

Both of the blogs you mention were created using the old blogger templates THAT DO NOT HAVE A TITLE line.

We both add our own titles in the body of our posts, but there isn't an actual "title" area.

(I told you that you were going to hate it.)

-- Jeff

Ed Youngstrom said...

No, I don't hate it...but I had just realized that you could not click on the title like in most blogs.

Mystery solved.