Monday, November 5, 2007

Planning the Proxy Battle

This is in the way of a summation of what we know so far.

The town of Tippelbruder has been threatened by Stagonia and is expecting to be attacked. Some time ago (August), various other countries volunteered certain troops for its defense.

We are now setting up a "Proxy Battle" to be run by Arthur (of Frankzonian fame), who uses the KOENIG KRIEG rules . . . although he prefers to double the number of stands. If doubled, it meshes very well with my own "Tricorne Wars" rules in terms of numbers.

Therefor, Arthur, I have translated things into the "6-stand battalion" numbers. I have left the artillery and cavalry a bit vague because I understand that you have fewer numbers of these figures available. If you need to play on your smaller table, you'll have to adjust numbers for the smaller battalion size.

Anyhow, here is a rundown using the standards mentioned above (and presuming all reserves have reached the battlefield):

From David of Tippelbruder -- mercenaries + townies:
  • Hussars -- 3 squadrons
  • 1 line battalion of 5 stands (musketeers)
  • 1 light battalion of 3 stands (Croats)
  • 10 skirmish stands of 2-men (combined lights)
  • light artillery
From Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein:
  • 2 line battalions of 6 stands (musketeers less their grenadiers
  • 1 grenadier battalion of 5 stands (includes those from battalions)
  • 1 skirmish stand of 2-men
  • medium artillery
From Jonathan of Hesse-Engleburg:
  • Hussars -- 1 squadron
  • 1 small battalion of 3 stands
  • 2 skirmish stands of 2-men
From Allan of Wittenberg:
  • 1 line battalion of 6 stands
  • light artillery
From Fitz-Badger of Soweiter League:
  • 1 Highlander battalion of 6 stands
From Murdock of Mieczyslaw:
  • Dragoons -- 4 squadrons
  • 1 line battalion of 5 stands
Thus, in total (at the 25-1 ratio), the Defenders have:
  • c.8 battalions (45 stands)
  • 3 mounted forces (8 squadrons total)
  • 13 two-man stands of light troops
  • artillery (almost all light guns)

Now, given the divided nature of these forces, I suspect that Stagonia should make do with approximately the same number of foot rather than the usual greater number. Thus I'm suggesting two brigades of foot (four battalions each) and a brigade of mounted (three units) with the normal light troops and artillery that we use.

We also tend to roll for what actually makes it to the battlefield and I have done that. So, here is what I got with my die rolls for units and numbers:

INFANTRY (total of 43 stands):
  • IR-1 von Hirschbock (elite) -- 6 stands
  • IR-2 du Breiz (veteran) -- 6 stands
  • IR-4 du Lepps (veteran) -- 5 stands
  • IR-5 O'Duffy (veteran) -- 6 stands
  • IR-6 De Marmier (raw) -- 6 stands
  • IR-7 von Gruber (raw) -- 4 stands
  • IR-9 von Krinkle (raw) -- 5 stands
  • IR-10 St. Cyr (veteran) -- 5 stands
MOUNTED (total of 10 squadrons):
  • CR-1 von Kirschstein Kuirassier (elite) -- 4 squadrons
  • DR-9 Moliere Dragoons (raw) -- 4 squadrons
  • DR-10 Pfeiffer Dragoons (raw) -- 2 squadrons
SKIRMISHERS (7 stands):
  • Icelauf Jagers (raw) -- 4 stands
  • Blut Jagers (raw) -- 3 stands
ARTILLERY (all veteran) --
  • 1 x medium battery
  • 2 x light batteries (one with each infantry brigade)
This gives the Defenders a very slight advantage in numbers of foot, double the skirmishers and a bit of a disadvantage in mounted (although I suspect the Stagonian C-in-C will keep the Kuirassier as his reserve, thus negating his mounted edge). Artillery is probably about equal, but again the Defenders will probably have an extra light battery.

While this sounds like Stagonia is set-up to lose, again I will remind you that the Defenders are NOT a unified command. It is composed of six separate forces . . . each having its own "break point" (whatever that may be). And, of course, if Koenig Maurice has miscalculated and Stagonia loses, that's hardly something to cry about, is it?

So, how does this look to everyone overall? Arthur, do you have enough troops to manage this? Or do we need to downsize?

-- Jeff


abdul666 said...

to set the 'good example' to other Rulers involved, what about posting the the dozen or so uniforms of the Stagonian units?

Bluebear Jeff said...


I still haven't figured out my new graphics program.

And I can't go back to my old Paint Shop Pro 6.0 because it only ran under Windows . . . and now I have a Linux operating system.

The new program, GIMP, is obviously far more sophisticated and complex than my old one . . . And, of course, Linux works differently as well . . . and I'm still learning it.

-- Jeff

Ike said...

Might I make a suggestion as to how to describe the forces for a proxy battle? Rather than describing infantry or cavalry forces as being so many "stands", would not describing them as being so many "battalions" or "squadrons" respectively be beter?

I suggest it for these reasons: (1)it gives the proxy player full discretion in how many stands of how many figures with which to represent those forces, having the numbers of battalions and squadrons presented to him;
(2) it does not hamper the active players in their commitments of forces to the battle;
(3) it provides more "atmosphere" for the battle reports - e.g., one can then write that the First Battalion of the Wurtheimer Foot did ... blah blah;
(4) it helps to maintain the separation between the game rules and the role play in postings both on our home blogs and on EvE.

Bluebear Jeff said...


A good point. The reason that I did it differently is that people described many different-sized "battalions" (from 240 to 750 men) as well as a number of smaller forces.

I am also familiar (thanks to some of his earlier write-ups) with Arthur's prefered basing -- which happens to closely copy what I use for my own battles.

Nevertheless, you are right.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

In the earlier Proxy battle Offenbach, we used pure numbers of men, that most 'rulesets' have conversions for.

Either Battalions, Companies or raw numbers will work.

I Jeff's case perhaps saying Company rather than stand would be better?

Gallia said...

Stepping out of character, may I inquire,

Where is Stagonia on the map -- kind of -- sort of please? I should like the Gallian Foreign Ministry to be informed of this in case they need the information.


Stagonian Jeff said...


Stagonia occupies that area sometimes knows as Bavaria. They are also very much leaning in the French direction.

Indeed, their uniforms are based on those of France.

Their natural enemy has been Saxe-Bearstein (which occupies the area sometimes known as Bohemia -- and is not in Saxony).

Stagonia would definitely support Gallia in the Gallia/Hesse-Seewald conflict.

-- Stagonian Jeff for Koenig Maurice

Gallia said...

Merci pour votre lettre Monsieur!
Votre Serviteur,

Thank you for your letter Sir!
Your Servant,