Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rumors of Assassination Attempt

For several months now the borders of the Kingdom of Stagonia have remained sealed. No one has been allowed to leave . . . and more than a few have been slain in the attempt.

Nevertheless rumors persist that someone attempted to assassinate Koenig Maurice the Vile. If this is true, there certainly would not be a dearth of suspects. Indeed his own malicious family would be amongst the first to be suspected . . . but they would hardly be alone.

Is he alive? or dead? The truth of the matter is not known, but His Vileness has not been up to his usual malevolence of late . . . so who knows?


CWT said...

Quite the mystery... The Elector of Luftburg, no doubt like many sovereigns across the continent, will be belabouring his intelligence departments for this utter failure.


Martin said...

AH-HA!!! Perhaps the Margravine of Raubenstadt's efforts are starting to bear fruit? Von Mack The Knife must be summoned to give an update!



P.S. Hey Jeff - The new format is great!!

MurdocK said...

More importantly will be the planning of the parade routes for the celebrations once this information is confirmed.

Could it be a change in the Vile winds blowing from Stagonia?

abdul666 said...

Monte-Cristo emphatically and loudly condemns assassination of rulers.