Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wollmitz Command

Koenig Maurice has decided that the area around Wollmitz required a change of command. He has therefor directed General Baron Gaspar du Vile to take command and to arrange the defenses.

In addition, His Majesty has assigned other officers to assist Gen. du Vile. Following is the list of the command's senior officers (note: with their "Tricorne Wars" information in italics):

General Baron Gaspar du Vile -- (Political, inertia 2, initiative 3 -- 12" command radius -- 2 AdC)
Maj. Gen. Rene de Villars -- (Aggressive, inertia 3, initiative 1 -- 11" command radius -- 1 AdC)

Brig. Yves d'Amours -- (Aggressive, inertia 3, initiative 2 -- 9" mounted command; 5" if foot)
Brig. Lothar Oppenkopf -- (Careful, inertia 1, initiative 1 -- 10" mounted command; 6" if foot)
Brig. Heinrich von Kroll -- (Steady, inertia 2, initiative 2 -- 14" mounted command; 9" if foot)
Brig. Graf Adolf von Voss -- (Political, inertia 2, initiative 1 -- 11" mounted command; 6" if foot)

In addition the following troops have been assigned to General du Vile to fill out the various commands as he sees fit (along with their rating in italics):

IR von Hirschbock (elite)
IR du Breiz (veteran)
IR du Lepps (veteran)
IR O'Duffy (veteran)
IR von Gruber (raw)
IR von Krinkle (raw)
IR St. Cyr (veteran)

du Coiffard Kuirassiers
von Waganer Kuirassiers (veteran)
Benzler Dragoons (elite)
Pfeiffer Draggons (raw)
Jailler Hussars (veteran)
Hockdorf Hussars (raw)

Furthermore, Koenig Maurice has assigned some artillery batteries to the Wollmitz force. These are all crewed by veteran gunners:

2 x Medium Gun Batteries of 6 pounders
1 x Light Gun Battery of 3 pounders

Finally the King has charged du Vile with defending the Wollmitz region against all invaders.


The above are the forces for our upcoming (June 15) quasi-refight of the Battle of Mollwitz from Charles Grant's book "The War Game". Stagonia will be taking on the "Austrian" positions and Saxe-Bearstein will be serving as the "Prussian" attacker.

As currently envisioned, Murdock will be in command of Stagonia and Ross Macfarlane, visiting from eastern Canada, will be the Saxe-Bearstein commander.

-- Stagonian Jeff


MurdocK said...


For the KING!

Frankfurter said...

Oh vilely the Stagonians stumble,
And their fingers so finicky fumble
On triggers so short
Their ladies all snort
And make poor old Maurice to mumble.


CWT said...

Am I the only person that really, REALLY likes the name Von Krinkle? I've no idea why...