Saturday, January 19, 2008

Plots Has He Laid . . .

It is unfortunate. Indeed it is. Most unfortunate.

Koenig Maurice of Stagonia is not a patient monarch. Not patient at all.

The lack of news from Tippelbruder is turning his mind to other plots nefarious and vile (well he is a Stagonian -- what other types of plots do you think he'd have?).

There's the one to mislead the Pope . . . and the Frankzonian affair, of course. Then there is the secondary Tradgardland thing . . . and the support for Monrovia . . . plus that for Zichenauer (never forget Zichenauer).

And then there was . . . well, thinking about them made Maurice much happier.


abdul666 said...

Great to see several Urope countries potentially interacting!

MurdocK said...

Go Konig Maurice!


...just stirring the pot...