Saturday, January 26, 2008

Curses! (Foiled again)

Koenig Maurice, monarch of Stagonia was in a rage. The first sketchy account of the Battle of Tippelbruder reported that a combination of accurate artillery and flooded terrain had defeated the Expeditionary Force and had forced it to withdraw.

(A notice posted by Arthur on the OSW group mentioned this . . . I presume that he will post a battle account relatively soon.)

-- Jeff of Stagonia


Herzog Ignaz said...

A package arrives by Thurn und Taxis courier at the gate of King Maurice's Winter Palace, addressed only to "The Stagonian Novice."

The package itself is wrapped in an ornate Florentine paper bearing the watermark of the Waldrecker printing firm of Herren Sturm und Drang. Beneath the paper is revealed to be a silver loving cup, ornately engraved in a fine copperplate, "Tipplebruder War Games, 1758: Second Place."

Bluebear Jeff said...


Ignaz, that is priceless! I am laughing out loud for real.


-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

tradgardmastare said...

Tell me more of IR7 Von Gruber and what uniform do they look resplendent in?
Alan Gruber

tradgardmastare said...
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Peter Simplissimus said...

Most Noble and Puissant Majesty,

Through the kind offices of Herr David Linienblatt,I have the singular honour of having been approached by one of the most illustrious conposers of the age, Senor H... B....n, at present resident in London, Paris and Vienna, Maestro to the Papal Office, Musician in chief to the Royal Courts,Kappelmeister to the Domkiche of Furtzen,Member of the Academie Francaise, Gold Medalist etc etc, to offer his humble services in the provision in this dark hour, of an Anthem for Stagonia, befitting Your
Noble Army's valour and Your Majesty's righteous scorn of the Tippelbruder upstarts who are strutting roosterly, but no doubt temporarily, on their dunghill.He will write such a Paen, a Blast, a Cacaphony of Martial Muse as will soon ruffle their pathetic crests, and will so inspire the most noble and triumphant armies of Stagonia that they will carry forward the glorious arms of Stagonia to the furthest reaches of Europa and beyond!
All this can be Yours, Sire, for the slight consideration of political and criminal immunity and a draft for 60 Thalers... he will work for maybe 10 less..payable to the account of Messers. Weasel and Twist, Turf Accountants to the Gentry, at the British Linen Company, Edinburgh.
Your most humple and obediant servant,