Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oppertunity for Vileness Knocks

"The reports are confirmed, Your Majesty. Zichenauer is massing troops on the Stollenian border."

"Good, very good. And I presume that that fool, the
Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus, will mass his entire army to face them."

"One would presume so, Sire."

"Indeed. Inform my generals that I wish to see them. There is an opportunity here for . . . . "

"For what, Your Majesty?"

"Why, vileness, sir. Vileness . . . what else?"


tidders said...

what vile action will result ??

-- Allan

Gallia said...

An opportunity to game. And now to the music of Rule Britannia, "Rule Stagonia, Stagonia will rule the....etc."
Have fun Jeff!

tradgardmastare said...

Vileness rules - in Stagonia!

A J said...

What new vileness is afoot?

abdul666 said...

What about the Duchess Saschen-Vindow? Nothing heard about her for a long time: is she still alive? Did Ludwig's Mother, to get rid of her, counselled her son to put her at the head of a legacy to some distant land of slavers or cannibals?
In such a case, to be in the excellentshape required for such harsh journey, we'd recommend her a preliminary stage in Monte-Cristo. Here she would enjoy the benefits of thalassotherapy, then be among the honoured guests of our annual Festival of Baroque Music. Since we appreciate strong-willed, independent-minded women, we'll give her any reason to extend indefinitely her 'preparatory fitness courses'.

Fitz-Badger said...

Meanvile, in Stagonia...

abdul666 said...

Stollenian Stokes: Illinois
Stagonian Jeff: British Columbia
Vileness by proxies?

Der Alte Fritz said...

I'll be your huckleberry!