Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, the Vilest of Schemes is Afoot

"So, my dear, does that imbecile of a Grand Duke have any idea?"

"No, my Love, my agents report that he dotes on that little snuff box. Further, that he insisted on holding it in his portrait so that it is quite visible . . . and we made sure that several
Zichenauers viewed the portrait."

"And now they are invading! How delightfully devious your are, my dear Duchess."

"Indeed, my sweet, and now this will facilitate your plans, won't it."

"Most vilely, Love. Most very vilely."


abdul666 said...

Vileness may backfire, in peculiar circumstances: if the snuff box contains some addictive stuff with narcotic / hallucilogenic properties on *normal* persons, on someone such as Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II -who insists to rule dressed in a lobster costume- the stuff can turn him into a perfectly sane, sensible person, even a wise ruler or a military genius (wearing a lobster armor in battle, as the last repercussion og his previous state)...

Frankfurter said...

Besides, by now the local officials have probably learned to run the country without unduly fretting the feckless duke?
However, this situation does set up a wonderful opportunity for others ... Stagonia turning its back presents a lovely chance for payback!

Ken said...

Lechery, lechery, wars and lechery...nothing else holds fashion. ;-)

MurdocK said...

More Vileness Needed.

Altmorania demands that King of Vile take action in accord with the treaty against Saxe-Bearstein.

King Freddy will be advancing immediately and requires the Vile forces to do the Vile deeds that they do so well!