Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Situation at Sawmill Village

[note -- my apologies for not keeping up with the affairs of Stagonia. As some of you know, I've been rather ill with pneumonia, a popped rib and then a nasty bout of gout (which is almost over). In addition my computer (which is now fixed), was down for some three weeks. So I missed the episode of the Duchess and many other matters. I'm sorry. But Stokes is finally about to start our "Charge!" version of the "Sawmill Village" scenario.]

Word has reached the Stagonian capitol that Major General Karl von Drednoz and the Stollenian general, von Drosselmaier are about to join battle.

Looking north, this rendering by a Stollenian artist depicts the Stagonian forces. From north to south (i.e., top to bottom), the units depicted are:
  • von Kirschstein Kuirassiers -- 3 squadrons
  • Grossfurzen Grenzers -- 2 companies
  • Feldpaff Battery -- 2 guns, limbered
  • du Lepps Fusiliers -- 3 companies
  • von Hirschbock Grenadiers -- 4 companies
  • Umgraben Sappers -- 2 companies
  • Hockdorf Hussars -- 2 squadrons
The same Stollenian artist provided a view (looking northeast) of the deployment of the "lobster lovers".

(as always, "click" on photos for larger version . . . and go to Stokes' blog for even more photos.)

The identities of the various Stollenian units is somewhat in doubt, but from northeast to southwest (again, top to bottom) they are believed to be:
  • 4th (Trakehnen) Dragoons -- 3 squadrons
  • Jaeger zu Fuss -- 1 company
  • Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers -- 3 companies
  • Van Laurenz Musketeers -- 3 companies
  • 11th Engineers -- 2 companies
  • von Krinkle's Battalion -- 1 company
  • Battery -- 2 guns
  • Jaeger zu Fuss -- 1 company
The "fly in the ointment", of course, is von Krinkle's Battalion. They were originally with the Stagonian forces . . . then they "deserted" and joined the army of Stollen.

Are they true "turncoats"? Or is this one of Stagonia's famous "dirty tricks"?

It should be noted that von Krinkle has his battalion directly in front of the Stollenian command tent . . . will they turn around and "wipe out" the Stollenian command during the battle?

And if they do
(given von Drosselmaier's record of failure), will that hinder or help Stollen's chances?

Follow the course of the fight for the Sawmill Village at the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog.

-- Stagonian Jeff


Capt Bill said...

All of Beerstein rejoices at your recovery and anxiously awaits the battle...

Stokes Schwartz said...

Yes, "von Drosselmaier" doesn't have a very good record of winning, does he? ;-)

Best Regards,

Von Drossel. . . , er, Stokes