Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Frankzonian Betrayal

"It is absolutely, fiendishly vile." swore Koenig Maurice. "Those Frankzonian swine have come up with a plot worthy of me."

"So it seems, Your Majesty" commented the Baron.

"They arrange with us to attack Offenstadt, then use the threat of us to try to get Offenbach to surrender completely to Frankzonia, who then intends to attack us!"

"That's not all, Your Majesty. Frankzonian agents have been posting vile songs about us . . . and singing them gleefully. Here are some of the verses our agents have sent in."

As the Baron watched his king read these songs, he saw the man grow very very angry . . . and ice-cold. The Baron had only seen Koenig Maurice is this mood a few times and he shivered even though he was not the focus of his king's fury.

"We only attack the Frankzonians . . . but we will accept no quarter. Send messengers to the Offenbachs, tell them that we are there to liberate them from those Frankzonian swine. Warn them not to surrender their sovereignty to Frankzonia. If they can hold off until we arrive, they will see that we'll leave them alone. Urge them to wait and watch the battle . . . Stagonia wants Frankzonian blood!"

"At once, Your Majesty. At once!"

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