Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And Now He is King!

I have decided that Stagonia deserves its own blog. Previously it had been just a minor sidelight on my major blog -- Saxe-Bearstein -- but now it needs its own blog because its ruler, Maurice von Hirschbock has declared Stagonia to now be a Kingdom.

Of course he is mad. Originally he was simply Graf Maurice von Hirschbock; then he decided he was PfalzGraf Maurice von Hirschbock; but now he has named himself simply Koenig Maurice. Of course, this is a most vile thing to do . . . but then, what is the guiding light of Stagonia if not vileness?

Thus, the Kingdom of Stagonia officially joins other 18th century imagi-Nations. It occupies the same space as Bavaria -- immediately to the west of Saxe-Bearstein (which co-insides with Bohemia).

The armies of Stagonia will be uniformed much as those of France -- just as Saxe-Bearstein's troops are modeled on those of Hanover. Thus, while the location is different, our fights might well be mistaken for those of the western front of the Seven Years War.

-- Stagonian Jeff


MurdocK said...

my my, how long can this vile madness continue?

Stokes Schwartz said...

Stollen's ministers always knew there was a dark side to King Maurice. Just how low will he sink? Does his depravity know no bounds?

Best Regards,