Monday, December 21, 2009

Holidays? Bah, humbug!

In the depths of Stagonia's vile Nochtswan Castle (pictured at left -- click for a larger image), Ludwig du Vile, the young king of Stagonia, cursed the holidays.

"Why are the peasants so joyful because of this "Christmas" nonsense?"

"I need to find out. Go, get me a dozen or so assorted peasants. I'll torture them on my new 'Stollen rack'. " (at his words, some of his vile courtiers left to fetch the required peasants).

Giggling, the mad monarch (seen at left) continued, "Wouldn't Irwin Amadeus be furious if he knew to what purpose I've put his precious timbers?"

Now alone, Koenig Ludwig mused about his future plans. Where would his mighty troops strike next?

"I could strike Stollen again. The Elector of Zichenau has been after me to coordinate something vile like last year. I could attack Frankszonia but there are all of those Gallian troops nearby. "

"Let me see, Wittenberg is rather weak right now, perhaps I should hit them? Or what about . . . yes, that might be a very nasty move."

Grinning from ear to ear, his vileness mused, "Why Christmas IS a wonderful time . . . it gives me such ideas." But before he could complete his thoughts, his courtiers returned with the peasants he would torture.